Leadership in Assessment and Grading
with Tom Schimmer

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Program Overview

This 6 part series includes critical topics such as; sound assessment, standards-based grading, adaptable and balanced leadership, the evolution and acceptance of a new idea, implementation planning, long-term sustainability, and how to overcome challenges and roadblocks.

Program Content Description

Module #1: The BIGGEST Ideas of Sound Assessment & Standards-Based Grading
Serving as a general overview for the entire on-demand leadership course, this module will highlight the biggest ideas of our new assessment & grading paradigms. While it is not necessary for leaders to be the experts-in-the-room, the most important aspect of leadership is to be able to participate in the necessary assessment and grading conversations. This session is about building, clarify, or sustaining the assessment and grading priorities by highlighting the biggest ideas that serve to create the most optimum learning experiences for our students

Module #2: Adaptable Leadership for Confidence
Just as developing the confidence of students is critical for their success, the establishing and sustaining of teacher confidence is equally important for the long-term implementation and success with any new practice. What are the necessary conditions that lead to teacher confidence and how do leaders create the conditions where teacher feel confident that they can eventually move toward more productive, relevant, and meaningful assessment & grading practices? Being able to adapt the style of leadership while developing a confident environment is the fundamental goal of this module.

Module #3: The Evolution and Acceptance of a New Idea
Before teachers come to accept a new idea there is a process they must go through in relation to that idea that is relatively predictable. This session will explore the stages of a new idea and begin to identify what leaders can do in order to mitigate the issues and make teachers feel more confident about the new idea and the potential it holds for their students.

Module #4: Balanced Leadership
Balanced leadership means leading from both the front and the back. There are times when leaders have to lead and times where they must follow. The art of balanced leadership is understanding the right time for each perspective. How does a leader set direction without telling people what to do? How do leaders establish alignment & consistency without expecting everyone to do the same thing? These and other questions will be explored as leaders learn how to take a balanced approach to implementing anything.

Module #5: Implementation Planning & Long-term sustainability
The session will highlight the importance of being thoughtful and purposeful in planning for the successful implementation of any new idea or practice. Specifically, leaders will learn when the time is right to move forward, when to hold back and engage in further planning, and when to push harder. In addition, this session will stress the importance of a team approach and will identify the most critical elements of any implementation plan.

Module #6: Overcoming Challenges & Roadblocks
With the implementation of any new assessment or grading practices, leaders will undoubtedly face a number of challenges and/or roadblocks. Successfully navigating these inevitable challenges will serve any leader well in terms of solidifying trust amongst the group and removing the hurdles that allow teachers to be at their best. While every specific contextual challenge or 'what if' scenario can't be addressed, this session will focus on the four general categories that most challenges and roadblocks fall into and how leaders can strategically manage those situations to minimize their impact.

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