Critical Issues: Leading the RTI Process
with Dr. John E. McCook

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Program Overview

In this series of webinars, Dr. McCook gives an in-depth and detailed description of the different elements to RTI, its practices, and its processes. Addressing various questions you may have, and how to best lead this process in the future of educational reform. He will cover a wide range of information, including; The Components of RTI, The assessment procedure via universal screening, Laws, State and District level issues, and all 3 tiers of the RTI process.

Program Content Description

Part 1
Dr. McCook provides an overview of the different components to RTI, it's theoretical foundation and what the 3 tiers of RTI involve on both an academic and behavioral basis, and the phases to its successful implementation.

Part 2
Dr. McCook details the differences between remediating and intervening and who falls within each group. What defines whether a child requires content or skills assistance based on current state testing assessments, and how we can build on that with assessment under RTI. This part also addresses the critical questions such as 'Do I really have to?' and issues with District and State implementation.

Part 3
Detailed in this part is the definition of Support Teams prior to and under the current RTI model. How do support teams receive children in their meetings and also the relationship between teachers, parents and the support teams.

Part 4
Dr. McCook describes in depth the purpose and factors to Universal Screening via Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM), when and how the benchmark data is collected, and the differences between summative and formative assessment.

Part 5
A detailed look at how progress monitoring under the RTI model is achieved, the interperation of progress monitoring charts, and the different actions to take once a goal has been obtained. How the RTI process of 3 tier's implemtentation fit within a curriculum and progress monitoring. Finally, 'Parents: When, Where, What', an informative overview of the relationship between the RTI model and Parents.

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