The Leader's Guide to Implementing Continuous Improvement in Schools
with Jim Warford and Tom Unwin

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Program Overview

This program enables the educational leader (district or school level) to develop and maintain a shared vision, plan for improvement, collect, analyze and interpret data, allocate resources and evaluate results for the purpose of continuous school improvement.

Learning Outcomes:
This program enables the educational leader (district or school level) to develop and maintain a shared vision, plan for improvement, collect, analyze and interpret data, allocate resources and evaluate results for the purpose of continuous school improvement.

Participants will be able to:
  • lead and implement a share vision and an improvement plan that places student and faculty learning as the focus for all district endeavors
  • lead and motivate staff, students and families to achieve the school's vision
  • Align instructional objectives and curricular goals with the shared vision developed by all stakeholders
  • Work with stakeholders to establish goals, implement them and use data to adjust strategic planning as required
  • Use goals to manage activities
  • Focus on student learning as a driving force for curriculum, instruction and decision making

Presenter Information

Jim Warford
As Florida's Chancellor, he was responsible for Florida's $16 Billion budget for public schools and focusing every bureau within the Department of Education on the goal of raising student achievement. As Chancellor, he created and implemented Florida's Continuous Improvement Model used by the "Assistance Plus" program, the largest state-intervention in low-performing schools in the nation, which resulted in over 80% of these schools moving off the list of failing schools. As Superintendent of the Marion County Public Schools, he implemented the Continuous Improvement Model district-wide. As a result, school grades went from three "F", eight "D" and only one "A" school in 1999 to twenty "A", 16 "B" and no "F" schools in 2003. Under his leadership the high school dropout rate was cut almost in half and Marion County had the lowest elementary class size in Florida. Jim Warford taught applied technology courses at the high school level for 17 years and created a Computer Graphics/Television Production program that won many national and state awards. He was named Vanguard High School Teacher of the Year three times. Jim Warford holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. In addition, he served for 20 years with Glenn Associates of Florida, a family-owned electrical manufactures consulting firm in operation since 1929. Throughout the 1990's, he also served as a consultant for Florida's Silver Springs Attraction where he was responsible for creating new rides, shows and training employees.

Tom Unwin
CEO and President of JKT based in Vancouver, BC. Tom is a former district school administrator who has extensive contacts with state and district administrators across North America. He is an expert in professional development, a former teacher, elementary principal, middle school principal and high school principal. Tom has also worked at the school level in curriculum development and implementation, teaching personnel, leadership development, career education, adult education, international education, funding and financial planning, as well as implementing a wide range of district wide innovations. He worked in the Ministry of Education in British Columbia as a regional coordinator - working with school districts to implement policy and programs. Currently he is the principal of JK Thomas Associates - consulting with U.S. state educational leaders and Canadian educational to design their professional development initiatives for K12 environments - both in a web based format and traditional face to face venues.

Program Content Description

Part 1: Introduction and overview of the program
5 minutes with Tom Unwin
This short session — will be very useful to providing a context for integrating the presentations with a focus on Continuous Improvement, and some ideas about how best to work through the sessions effectively.

Part 2: A Theory of School Improvement — 9 Essential Elements
80 minutes with Tom Unwin
  • How Assessment and Grading Practices reform will and must align with a Continuous Improvement Model
  • Aligning Continuous Improvement with your Professional Learning Community — developing a project of school improvement and working with your school improvement team
  • Implementation of the Common Core Standards — in your school improvement model
  • Professional Development Initiatives — providing on going, "just in time" professional development and training
  • Leadership Capacity
  • Instructional Improvement Initiatives — the critical importance of including changes of instructional practices in your model of improvement.

Part 3: Continuous Improvement in Detail
120 minutes with Tom Unwin
  • Continuous Improvement Defined
  • School Improvement over the last 1/2 century
  • Background and development of Continuous Improvement, W Edwards Deming, Kaizen and the foundations of Continuous Improvement
  • Relating Continuous Improvement to the School Change research, including the work of Michael Fullan
  • Why School Improvement is challenging and why change is necessary in our approach to school improvement
  • Why Continuous Improvement works
  • How Continuous Improvement works, the Deming Cycle PLAN — DO — CHECK — ACT
  • What PLAN means in a school improvement process
  • What DO means in a school improvement process
  • What CHECK means in a school improvement process
  • What ACT means in a school improvement
  • The Cycle of Continuous Improvement in action

Part 4: Continuous Improvement - How School Districts Across Florida Got Results
75 minutes with Jim Warford
As Chancellor of Florida's public schools, Jim Warford led the creation and implementation of the Continuous Improvement Model throughout Florida. State tests and NAEP data confirm that this implementation resulted in some of the most dramatic student achievement gains in the nation and significantly closed the state's achievement gap for African-American and Hispanic students. Learn how more than 80% of Florida's lowest performing schools improved enough to get off the state's low-performing list.
  • The Florida experience — examples and data on how Continuous Improvement Changed things
  • How to use a Continuous Improvement Model to improve your school or district
  • Examples of Continuous Improvement models to improve schools K12

Part 5: Using Learning Criteria as a Continuous Improvement Process
35 minutes with Jim Warford
After his Florida experience — Jim examines how we can use the same continuous improvement processes can be applied to more meaningful results that simple state test scores. These same improvement models — can be used to improve many and more meaningful school improvement criteria. An intriguing look at long term effects of student learning.

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