Effective Time Management
with Trapper Woods

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Program Content Description

Session 1: Organization & Planning
Begin by learning how to use a complete system to organize, plan and schedule events in your life and retrieve vital information. Participants will understand the principles of time management, its challenges, and specific skills and strategies to improve personal organization and productivity.

What You Will Learn:
  • The three essential principles of time management and their effect and influence on your time.
  • Five conditions of events and how to manage them.
  • How to enhance congruity in your life by appropriately controlling and adapting to events.
  • A system for prioritizing to make better choices.
  • Six focus questions to ask when planning your day.
  • How to accomplish more in less time.
  • A system to plan, organize, and schedule events in your life and retrieve vital information.
  • How to deal with priority conflicts and urgencies.

Session 2: Linking Daily Actions and Long Range Strategies
The program builds upon the three overarching principles of time management — control, congruity and concentration of power. It involves a method for achieving continuity in both your business and personal life. Discover specific strategies to align your personal and professional life with your goals. The focus of this module ensures that you will understand how to allocate your time in order to accomplish both business and personal life goals.

Our model is used to prompt the effectiveness of writing unifying principles, goals, and the specific steps necessary for participants to achieve goals. A key concept of this module is the method of linking daily actions to long range strategies.

What You Will Learn:
  • An increased awareness of the value of more effectively managing your time.
  • How to build a solid foundation for decision making and planning.
  • The difference between long range, intermediate and immediate goals and how to write them.
  • How to make the connection between long range planning and daily actions.
  • A sure fire formula for achieving both business goals and personal life goals.
  • How to write and have in writing your own time management goals.
  • How to increase your ability to focus upon and accomplish your most vital priorities.

Session 3: Dealing with Interruptions, Powerful Meetings & Effective Delegation
This module provides methods for controlling and eliminating unnecessary interruptions. The process begins with a personal inventory of your most common daily interruptions that impact you the most. You will identify the two types of interruptions, system imposed and self imposed and how to deal with them.

Interruptions caused by telephone calls, drop-in visits, and personal organization problems account for most of the time lost to unnecessary interruptions. A tool kit is provided for each of these challenging areas.

You will learn strategies to put in place in advance to minimize interruptions. You will also learn techniques to shorten interruptions when they do occur and how to say no. The inability to say no is the first cousin to overwhelm.

Two additional areas of time wasting are ineffective meetings and improper delegation. You will learn six keys to running successful meetings and five keys to successful delegation.

What You Will Learn:
  • Skills and strategies to handle the most common interruptions.
  • Sixteen techniques to shorten overlong telephone calls and drop-in visits.
  • Fifteen ideas on how to improve personal organization and overcome procrastination.
  • Actions to take in advance to minimize interruptions.
  • Five productive responses to interruptions after they have occurred.
  • A four step process to control interruptions.

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