Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom
7 Part eSeminar - On Demand with Meg Ormiston

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Program Overview

Outside of school, today's students are accustomed to a high level of interaction and collaboration—with one another and with technology. Inside school, we ask them to power down, assuming that we can help them achieve their fullest potential through traditional stand-and-deliver textbook-driven methods of teaching. It shouldn't surprise us that these students are bored and disconnected from learning.

Instead of asking students to power down during class, power up your lesson plans with digital tools. Design and deliver lessons in which technology plays an integral role. Engage students in solving real-world problems while staying true to standards-aligned curricula. This webinar series provides a research base and practical strategies for using web 2.0 tools to create engaging lessons that transform and enrich content.

Program Content Description

Part 1: It is a Web 2.0 World
This webinar will introduce you to Web 2.0 Tools and some of my favorite online tools for collaborating. We will explore the best Web 2.0 tools for productivity, multimedia, and social networking. This webinar will look at how students today are different and what we can do to change teaching and learning to best engage them. Changes need to be made so students don't have to power down to come to school. There are roadblocks to change and we will acknowledge these and look beyond excuses.

Part 2: Active Learning in the Classroom
This webinar will focus on projects we ask students to create using the Web 2.0 tools. This session will focus not only on consuming media, but also creating media projects. This session will focus on technology for an emotional connection, engagement and collaboration.

Part 3: Technology to Support Teaching and Learning
Standards-aligned classrooms are more important than ever, and this webinar will help you look at this in topic in digital rich classrooms. Technology and standards can go hand in hand, and we will showcase examples of lessons that are technology rich and leverage Web 2.0 tools. We will also looking at the connection between technology and differentiated instruction. The importance of digital storytelling will also be covered along with Web 2.0 tools that can be used for storytelling. Learn about technology supports writing instruction and publishing student work.

Part 4: Developing a Digital-Rich Curriculum
Explore what a digital rich curriculum looks like is the focus of this webinar. This session will go into detail about free resources available online as well as the management and organization of digital and print resources. Also covered is how we need to rethink curriculum planning to include the use of technology. During this webinar we will be covering the use of video, screencasting and pencasting as well as an introduction to the flipped classroom concept.

Part 5: Must-Have Technology for the Ideal Classroom
This webinar will start off with a focus on creating a vision and a plan for collaboration with students, colleagues and other educators across the globe. We will discuss policy as well as best practice and creative planning about technology planning and purchasing. Equipping the ideal classroom with technology will be part gadget and equipment sharing as well as how the technology can impact student achievement. A part of this webinar will be dedicated to the latest trend in technology that is called bring your own technology.

Part 6: Web 2.0 Classroom: A Virtual Field Trip
Tackling the question of what does good technology integration look like in the classroom will be the focus of this webinar. We will explore active learning and the role of the students, teacher, parents and administrators. This webinar will also cover planning for instruction, classroom management and assessment of student products. This type of planning and teaching is very different from a traditional classroom we will explore ways to effectively communicate and share the best practices.

Part 7: Changing Professional Development in a Web 2.0 World
This webinar will cover how professional development has changed and what the future landscape looks like. We will cover how Web 2.0 tools can be used to develop online networks customized to your practice available to you anytime. You will learn how to join these various communities, connect with other educators and continue to grow professionally each day.

What is an "On Demand eSeminar"?

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Customer Support

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Fees and Registration

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