Formative Assessment
6 Part eSeminar - On Demand with with Tom Schimmer

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Program Overview

This session will serve as an introduction to Assessment for Learning. Specifically, the research, the context, and the vision of how classroom assessment can play a significant role during instruction will give participants a clear understanding of the distinction between Assessments of and for Learning. In addition, participants will come to understand the keys to quality assessment as well as the important place that descriptive feedback holds throughout the learning continuum. Classroom examples of how to put theory into practice will also be shared.

Program Content Description

Module #1: Balanced & Accurate Assessments
Serving as a general overview for the entire on-demand course, this module will highlight the biggest ideas of our new assessment paradigm. In addition, this session will highlight the critical aspects of a balanced assessment process in any classroom. As well, the importance of developing and maintaining student confidence will be emphasized. This module, as well as all subsequent modules, will strike a balance between important research and practical examples that put theory into practice.

Module #2: Breaking it Down
This module is devoted to the process of unpacking curricular standards into enabling targets. Specifically, participants will both learn and experience the detailed process of establishing student-friendly learning targets and identifying the underpinnings of curricular standards in order to scaffold the learning process and create accurate formative or summative assessments.

Module #3: Feedback for Learning
This module will focus on the importance of using formative assessment information for purpose of providing descriptive feedback for students to improve. Specifically, participants will come to know the important characteristics of effective feedback and the three non-negotiable aspects that most ensure that students use feedback to improve. In addition, the issue of manageability of the feedback process from the teacher's perspective will also be explored.

Module #4: Sound & Accurate Grading & Reporting
Accurate grades and clarity of student learning information are equally important to accurate formative assessments. This module will highlight many of the traditional grading practices that lead to distorted grades and inaccurate information being communicated about students' levels of proficiency. In addition, participants will learn what is necessary to move away from a model of school focused on points and activities to one focused on learning and proficiency.

Module #5: Practice and Improvement
The lost art of practice will be explored during the first half of this module. Most universally accept the notion that practice will lead to improved levels of performance. However, when everything counts and every point matters, students are less likely to take the academic risks their teachers encourage them to take. The second half of this module will focus on the concept of improvement and how teachers can ensure that student grades are accurate by emphasizing the most recent evidence of learning. In addition, this module will explore how student-learning evidence is organized and what can be done to mitigate the effects of overlapping pieces of evidence all centered on the same standards.

Module #6: Meaningful Ownership
The final module of the series will emphasize the importance of allowing students to have meaningful ownership over their learning at all stages. Rather than being about teachers "giving up control", participants will learn that meaningful ownership is more about students being active decision-makers before, during, and after the learning. In addition, the concepts of self-assessment, co-constructing success criteria, and setting learning goals will also be highlighted.

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