Scaffolding Reading Comprehension of Narrative, Argumentative, and Informative Text
3 Part eSeminar - On Demand with Anita Archer

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Program Overview

Dr. Archer will present research-validated procedures for scaffolding reading comprehension of narrative, argumentative, and informative text that can be used BEFORE reading a passage (e.g., teaching the meaning of unknown vocabulary, teaching or activating critical background knowledge, and previewing passages), DURING passage reading (e.g., asking text-dependent questions, scaffolding higher order questions, having students generate questions, teaching comprehension strategies) and AFTER reading a passage (e.g., leading students in a discussion of the passage, summarizing information using graphic organizers, introducing strategies for responding to written questions, having students write a summary or comparison of the passage.)

Dr. Archer will model each of the practices and illustrate the application of these procedures to example passages.

Program Content Description

Webinar 1: Before Passage Reading Instructional Strategies
  • Teaching pronunciation and meaning of critical vocabulary
  • Teaching and activating critical background knowledge
  • Previewing informative text

Webinar 2: During Passage Reading Instructional Strategies
  • Alternative passage reading procedures
  • Close reading procedures
  • Asking text-dependent questions
  • Scaffolding comprehension questions
  • Teaching students to develop comprehension questions
  • Teaching students narrative and informative comprehension strategies

Webinar 3: After Passage Reading Instructional Strategies
  • Structuring discussions
  • Use of graphic organizers to summarize content
  • Responding to written questions
  • Writing summaries and comparisons

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