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4 Part eSeminar - On Demand with Mark Shinn

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Program Overview

Dr. Mark Shinn guides K-12 educators and administrators through the process of implementing RTI at the elementary and secondary level, with at focus on building systems for progress monitoring.

Presenter Information

Dr. Shinn is a nationally recognized consultant who has supported schools in more than 40 states to use evidence-based practices and data based decision-making to improve outcomes for all students through Multitiered Systems and Supports (MTSS or RTI). He taught in pre-service school psychology and special education graduate programs and undergraduate teacher education at the University of Oregon before joining National Louis University in 2003. Dr. Shinn's specific areas of expertise are frequent progress monitoring and screening of basic skills.

Program Content Description

Session 1: The RtI Checklist Manifesto
This webinar details some of the key concepts and "critical care" items that can help facilitate RtI implementation. Based on a set of lessons learned over the years, the goal is to provide an opportunity for participants to compare their implementation efforts with a set of items developed by Dr. Shinn.

Session 2: The Elementary Blueprint
A key feature of successful implementation of RTI is having a vision or "blueprint" of what are its essential features. The webinar will identify and describe a set of items that are included on Dr. Shinn's Blueprint to support schools own efforts to build their own implementation plans.

Session 3: The Secondary Blueprint
Implementation of RTI at Middle School and High School is based on a set of related principles as elementary RTI, but is NOT the same in terms of components. Of particular importance at secondary is going from "good to great" with respect to Tier 1 content area instruction, and being clear in who is served in more intensive tiers and how they are served. This webinar will identify and describe a set of items that are included on Dr. Shinn's Blueprint to support secondary schools own efforts to build their own implementation plans.

Session 4: Building Your Basic Skills Data System for Progress Monitoring and Screening
The cornerstone RtI is the capacity to measure RESPONSE, the R in RtI. Too often, schools focus more on screening in RTI than on progress monitoring, and when progress is monitored, schools also tend to use their existing Tier 1 or core program strategies. This webinar will stress the importance of a 5-S System, using Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) because you can see what students do and see a graph, simple to do and understand, sound, sensitive, as importantly, seamless across grades, tiers, and cultures.

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