Working with Our Most Difficult and Challenging Students
4 Part eSeminar - On Demand with Chris and Mark Boynton

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Program Overview

Classroom and building-wide discipline impact staff morale, job satisfaction, building atmosphere, student learning and teachers' overall reputations more than any other factor. Join ASCD-authors Mark and Chris Boynton for four webcasts that will help you prevent, or effectively and respectfully intervene, in challenging disciplinary situations. These webcasts are loaded with hands-on, ready-to-use strategies!

Program Content Description

Session 1
Powerful approaches for dealing with the most challenging and disruptive students
Strategies for dealing with students who display Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, anger management issues, and get into power struggles;
How to respond effectively to noncompliant students;

Session 2
How to prevent most discipline problems before they occur;
How to utilize the four critical components of classroom discipline;
How to deal with non-cooperative and angry parents;

Session 3
How to deescalate student anger in an immediate and dignity saving manner;
Strategies for helping students who are the victims of bullies and who bully others;

Session 4
How to use verbal and nonverbal interventions with students who are disruptive or noncompliant and;
How to work with witnesses and use effective fact finding procedures

What is an "On Demand eSeminar"?

An On Demand eSeminar is a recorded presentation, available 24/7 from any computer you choose. When you register for an On Demand eSeminar you can view the entire presentation, or parts of the presentation as many times as you wish. You can stop, go back, and review pieces that you would like to focus on. You can even watch part of the presentation at your office, stop and come back to it later at home to finish.


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Customer Support

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Fees and Registration

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