Reading in the Content Areas
4 Part eSeminar - On Demand with Marilyn McGuire

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Program Overview

Reading is a gatekeeper skill. Students who have sound reading skills that can adapt to a variety of reading materials are set up for school success. Students who struggle often do so because of poor reading skills. While teachers are typically taught how to teach reading, they are usually not taught how to teach reading skills in the all-important content areas or how to address the wide ranges of reading ability in each class—ranges that only grow as students progress through the grades. This course provides research-based, specific and immediately useful strategies that teachers can use to increase student reading ability and content area knowledge.

Audience: Teachers, K-12
Duration: 90 minutes each session

Program Content Description

Session 1 - to Learn: Building-Wide Strategies to Ensure Student Success
This session focuses upon best practices and how to determine and choose what students must read in order to learn content area concepts and skills. It also discusses how to make appropriate adaptations to the materials read in order to ensure student success.

Session 2 - Students with Before, During, and After Reading Strategies
What should students and teachers do before, during, and after reading in order to enhance comprehension of reading material? This session provides a roadmap to the content area teacher to use with all reading material.

Session 3 - Vocabulary: The Building Blocks for Understanding what is Read
If students do not understand the vocabulary of a particular selection, they will also fail to understand the key concepts. This session helps teachers with the three kinds of vocabulary and how to specifically teach to them.

Session 4 - Reading as Meaning-Making: Comprehension Strategies
Reading is a meaning-making process. Helping students to be capable readers requires time, attention, and instruction in comprehension. The typical use of questions from text in content areas generally does not assist in students' comprehension of enduring understandings. This session focuses upon comprehension strategies that work across content areas.

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