Teaching with the Brain in Mind
2 Part On Demand eSeminar - with Eric Jensen

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Program Overview

Audience: Teachers, K-12
Duration: 3 hours each session

Program Content Description

Since Teaching with the Brain in Mind was first published in 1998, it has inspired thousands of educators to apply brain research in their classroom teaching.

Now Eric Jensen is back with a completely revised and updated take on his classic work, featuring new research and practical strategies to enhance student comprehension and improve student achievement. This practical and research-based program focuses on seven core teaching strategies that matter most. It includes the following:

  • Background on brain research for teachers.
  • Does the student brain change? If so, how?
  • What is brain-based teaching?
  • Strategies for emotional engagement.
  • What is coherence and how can we improve it?
  • Why mistakes are good for the brain.
  • How to enhance memory and recall.
  • This updated session gives you a clear structure for understanding how your students learn as well as gaining specific, practical strategies to boost student achievement.

    What is an "On Demand eSeminar"?

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