Maximizing the Achievement of English Language Learners
4 Part On Demand eSeminar - with Catherine Brown

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Program Overview

These four sessions look at concrete, practical ways to take the best of research and turn it into a powerful, effective program to ensure maximum achievement and participation for English language learners. Many of the strategies are simultaneously effective with all students.

Audience: Teachers GR K-12, Administrators, Consultants
Duration: 90 minutes each session

Program Content Description

Session 1: Cutting-edge sheltering
The fundamental systems, practices, and strategies necessary to ensure that ELLs achieve and thrive in a classroom environment.

Session 2: It's more than just good teaching
Effective differentiation for ELLs requires that teachers understand the developmental trajectory of language learning, and that those understandings guide lesson modifications in the general education classroom. This session provides a wealth of realistic, low-prep ways to effectively meet the needs of ELL students across proficiency levels.

Session 3: Supporting literacy for the long haul
How to ensure ELLs are constructing meaning from the first word read and every word thereafter. This session also includes important understandings and strategies for vocabulary development.

Session 4: Developing academic language and thinking skills with English language learners
ELLs cannot move to true grade-level proficiency without support with the complexities of academic English. Beginning in kindergarten and continuing throughout the grades, teachers must be aware of the components of academic English and be able to directly support ELL learners in its acquisition. This session will show you how to do so.

What is an "On Demand eSeminar"?

An On Demand eSeminar is a recorded presentation, available 24/7 from any computer you choose. When you register for an On Demand eSeminar you can view the entire presentation, or parts of the presentation as many times as you wish. You can stop, go back, and review pieces that you would like to focus on. You can even watch part of the presentation at your office, stop and come back to it later at home to finish.


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Customer Support

If you have any questions about this program or how you can use On Demand eSeminars for your school or district,
please feel free to email us by clicking here, or call us at: 1-888-469-1888

Fees and Registration

A licence purchased by a district or school provides 24/7 access to all programs for an entire school year. Credit can be negotiated and is the responsibility of the district.

Upon purchase you will receive a catalog of all the programs which you can forward to all teachers you have registered. The catalog will include links where each teacher can download instructions for accessing the programs.

Fee: $389.00 + $5.00 per participant
Example: A school with 10 participating teachers would pay $389.00 + ($5.00 x 10) = $439.00

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