Classroom Management – Cohesive Classrooms

The Classroom Management-Cohesive Classrooms Program is a comprehensive professional development program
school and district leaders can use to ensure quality instruction occurs in every classroom.

The program consists of 5 ONDEMAND instruction modules that teach the key skills teachers need to create quality learning environments for all students:

  • How to build strong relationships with students,
  • How to engage students in learning,
  • How to develop classroom rules, routines and procedures to ensure orderly classrooms,
  • How to create classroom community circles – for facilitating problem solving, and
  • How to use research based strategies and practices for dealing with students who struggle with meeting expectations.
As well as a Guidebook which supports the ONDEMND modules with guidelines, instructions, activities and exercises that facilitate learning.

Our Approach

Proactive – implement protocols that create structure and predictability
Instructive – teaching students specific skills and scaffolds to increase agency
Responsive – communication that is mindful and respectful of individuals

Module 1: Building Social Relationships

We review strategies for how to build relationships with your whole class. We will explore the building blocks for fostering relationships in the beginning of the year, and how to maintain those relationships throughout the year.

Module 2: Student Engagement

We review strategies for student engagement. This includes strategies for gaining student attention, maintaining student engagement, and culturally responsive strategies for redirections.

Module 3: Rules, Routines & Procedures

Explore the guiding principles for explicitly teaching rules, routines and procedures. We review how to provide feedback to students as well as how to repair behaviors that may need additional support in meeting expectations.

Module 4: Community Circles

We review the process for facilitating community circles. We review the 5 building blocks for facilitating social problem solving classroom meetings.

Module 5: Behavior Differentiation

This module outlines concrete strategies to support students who struggle with following expectations. Specific strategies discussed include how to use reinforcement and feedback in effective ways, visual supports, contingency mapping (also knowns as consequence maps), providing choice, and building in breaks


Our comprehensive guidebook supports the ONDEMND modules with guidelines, instructions, activities and exercises that facilitate learning.
8 Reasons Why every principal should provide Classroom Management – Cohesive Classrooms Program for their teachers:

1. Classroom Management enables your students to learn,

What all principals know and learned as teachers, that if you cannot control the class you cannot teach the class. Exemplary school wide classroom management practices MAKE your school – they are foundational, essential to all successful school improvement, professional development initiatives.

2. They are essential to building SEL throughout the school.

Caring starts in the classroom, 1 teacher a time. No matter how much time, money and effort you put into building a strong Social Emotional Learning practices – they are only as good as the alignment of your teachers to the basic beliefs and values about caring for children that Cohesive Classroom teaches and supports.

3. Classroom Management is a Timeless Foundation of Sound Instructional Practice

This has not changed since the days of the one room schoolhouse on the prairie. We all know this to be true. It was the case yesterday it is the case today and it will be the case tomorrow. The techniques and practices vary and improve – but if your classrooms are not well managed – they are not good places for students to learn or feel cared for.

4. Teacher (and Principal) Wellness depends upon it.

Recent studies show that one of the major sources of stress and burn out for teachers is the challenges they face with student behavior issues. This has become particularly more challenging during and subsequent to COVID. Classroom Management – Cohesive Classrooms provides a low cost and low maintenance – high impact way of providing teachers a lifeline – practical strategies they can use to reduce stress and enjoy their profession.

5. Enables principals to fulfill their role as Instructional Leaders

So often, principals express concern over how difficult it is for them to step back from the “Tyranny of the Urgent” and support quality instructional practices. This is a turnkey program – that make it easy for principals to provide a foundation for teachers to grow and develop as professionals.

6. Enhances relationships with Families and the Community

In schools with well managed classrooms the pervasive “read” of families and communities is that the school is well run. Sound classroom management practices throughout the school empower principals to establish sound relationships which we know is critical for building highly effective schools.

7. Supervision and Personnel Issues

The most frequent issue behind personnel issues with teachers is their capacity to build effective relationships with students and families. Classroom Management – Cohesive Classrooms cannot “fix” every problem, but it CAN influence many and turn problem situations into positive situations. This program supports principals with helping and supporting teachers grow and continue in their profession.

8. Low Cost – High Impact – Low Maintenance

You will not find a professional development program for your school that is as low cost – that makes the impact on student learning and well-being – that is as easy and as powerful as the Classroom Management – Cohesive Classroom Management Program.


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