Here at The Source, we’ve talked at length about the importance of classroom management when it comes creating a viable learning environment for students. While this is certainly true, quality classroom management skills can also make a huge difference for teachers looking to be hired. In fact, since administrators are often bogged down with their own tasks and duties, when a new teacher can demonstrate that they can manage a classroom, the hiring decision becomes a no-brainer. 

So, what can teachers do to show their classroom management proficiency? Our colleague Jon Konen put together a very helpful article that outlines, in detail, the ways in which new teachers can demonstrate that they are exemplary classroom managers, and how you can utilize these strategies whether you’re a new teacher looking to get into the industry, or an administrator looking to hire someone who you can count on to facilitate a positive learning environment.

Classroom Rules That Support Student Learning

In Jon’s article, he begins by asserting that it’s not enough for teachers to simply create rules in their classroom and expect students to follow them. Rather, it is a collaborative process that allows students to fully buy in. Student participation is key when it comes to revising and upholding classroom guidelines, based not only on the individual needs of students, but also with regards to updating socially acceptable behavior. A quality classroom environment is one where teachers create solid rules, and students support and uphold them.

Verbal and Nonverbal Cues to Curb Behavior Issues

Leading teachers understand that they can’t prevent all behavior issues, but if they have a strategy in mind to combat them, they’re ahead of the game. Using both Verbal and Nonverbal cues is one of the most important strategies that teachers can use to manage their classrooms. When it comes to individual behavior issues, teachers need to consider many factors. Who is the student being corrected? Is this a common occurrence for this student? What has worked in the past for this student? Understanding the types of verbal sentence-starters (like “you may…”, “you need to…”, “you should…etc.) that are effective for individual students can make all the difference in whether the teacher will be able to curb the behavior issue. Non-verbal cues like a finger over the lips or a simple touch to the shoulder can be equally effective in these types of instances. Knowing what works in your classroom, and more specifically what works best for each of your students is a game-changer when it comes to maintaining a positive learning environment. 

Proactive vs. Reactive Approach to Classroom Management

Another strategy that the most effective classroom managers like to employ, is the development of a proactive classroom management model. Rather than focusing on how to deal with problems as they come up, there are several ways that teachers can plan ahead and help deal with behavior issues before they begin. Building an effective relationship with your students, setting clear expectations, and developing consistent routines are just a few ways that teachers can be proactive in developing their classroom management strategy.  

Building Your Classroom Management ‘Toolbox’

This is a term we love to use. Classroom management isn’t about developing one solid strategy, but rather it is about creating several different strategies that you can employ, like tools in a toolbox, in a variety of situations and environments. Every classroom is different, and as you develop more experience with different types of behavior issues, your toolbox will grow. For example, Tier 1 behavior interventions are obviously different than Tier 3 behavior interventions, and that’s why having a full “toolbox” of classroom management skills is vital to a teacher’s success in any classroom environment.

To learn more about how you can develop as a classroom manager, and the benefits that classroom management skills provide for teachers and administrators, check out the full article from Jon Konen here. The Source also offers a variety of programs that can help you become a better classroom manager, and how to deal with Tier 3 Behavior Interventions more specifically. To check out how we can help you out, take a look at our comprehensive Tier 3 Behavior Interventions Program.

3. Classroom Management is a Timeless Foundation of Sound Instructional Practice This has not changed since the days of the one room schoolhouse on the prairie. We all know this to be true. It was the case yesterday, it is the case today, and it will be the case tomorrow. The techniques and practices vary and improve – but if your classrooms are not well managed – they are not good places for students to learn or feel cared for. 4. Teacher (and Principal) Wellness depends upon it. Recent studies show that one of the major sources of stress and burn out for teachers is the challenges they face with student behavior issues. This has become even more challenging during the COVID-19 Pandemic. A Classroom Management program provides a low maintenance – high impact way of providing teachers a lifeline – practical strategies they can use to reduce stress and enjoy their profession. 5. Enhances relationships with Families and the Community In schools with well managed classrooms the pervasive “read” of families and communities is that the school is well run. Sound classroom management practices throughout the school empower principals to establish sound relationships which we know is critical for building highly effective schools. 6. Supervision and Personnel Issues The most frequent issue behind personnel issues with teachers is their capacity to build effective relationships with students and families. Classroom Management cannot “fix” every problem, but it CAN influence many and turn problem situations into positive situations. It supports principals with helping and supporting teachers grow and continue in their profession. These reasons are not the only ones that make an effective Classroom Management strategy so important, but they do provide an outline for why an effective program is essential to creating positive teaching and learning environments for students and teachers. We’ve put together a Classroom Management – Cohevise Classroom here at the source that is one of the most cost-effective an efficient programs you’ll find anywhere. For more information on the program we offer, click the link below.