How Community of Practices : Work

Learn how Communities of Practice operate and how educational leaders and teacher teams can use them.

A Community of Practice is a robust digital platform with resources, networks and programs designed to facilitate a school improvement initiative focused on a specific topic or issue with the aim of making measurable improvements in student learning and well-being.

Opportunities to engage in school directed and consultant supported school improvement initiatives.
Each school customizes their school improvement initiative to the specific needs of the district and school AND has the capacity to personalize the learning of each participant.

Your school now has the opportunity connect with colleagues across the district, region, state and nation sharing the challenges you face and sharing your exemplary leadership practices, taking a leadership role as models and thought leaders on the national stage.

This page will walk you through an example of a Community of Practice. Each Community of Practice is focussed on a specific theme or topic. Our example focuses on Behavior Interventions and Support. It can be used by school leaders as a professional development hub, a networking tool and a resource center to engage in team learning and apply that learning to develop effective Behavior Intervention and Support programs in the school.

Let’s walk through the Behavior and Intervention and Support Community of Practice and see how it operates and how educational leaders can use it to implement improvement initiatives in their school

Once a school leader has purchased a School Membership ($589.00) and enrolled their school they complete a school profile, sharing some basic information about the school so that we can connect the school to like schools interested in similar themes.

Schools can enrol as many teachers or participants in their school who wish to participate.

Members create a school password and log in. All school staff members have unlimited 24/7 access to all Communities of Practices in THE SOURCE.

Behavior Support Intervention
Community of Practice

When you log in to your School Membership THE SOURCE – you enter the Communities of Practice Zone – where you can choose which Community of Practice you wish to enter
Scroll down to the Table of Contents. You will see how THIS Community of Practice is organized. We also provide a Naviagation Page – with instructions and some ideas for busy educational leaders.

As school leaders join and expand membership to our Behavior Support and Intervention Community of Practice we add some basic contact to our PERSONNEL list – which includes the facilitator who manages the site, a list of Thought Leaders and Partners who contribute content and expertise and a list of schools and educational leaders who are part of the network. You are connected to thought leaders and practitioners across the your region, state and the nation- who share a common interest and responsibility with Behavior Supporty and Intervention.

THE SOURCE Communities of Practice provide:
Access to a wealth of resources and information – related to Behavior Support and Intervention,
Connections to Thought Leaders and Practioners interested in sharing practice and working collaboratively on improvement initiatives and opportunities to
Engage in Professional Development Programs to develop skills and improve strategies and practices or connect with thought leaders with experience and a passion in the subject and implement results driven implementation initiatives with the aim of making measurable improvements in student learning and well-being.

Communities of Practices are very well organized and your resources are just a CLICK AWAY. Just scroll down a short selection of books on your topic, (we looked for the best not the most!), click on the title and you go to a web based book seller, with a more detailed description of the resource. Order the book and have it in days.

Articles – we provide a brief description of each item – to save times for educational leaders and improvement teams. In minutes members can scroll down the options and have the documents free and available for the whole team.
And one of the most popular features – videos. Short clips – available on the web, organized and vetted teachers and teams can use and apply their class that day!

Opportunties to Connect

Scroll down deeper into your Community and find opportunities to connect and network.
Take part in Community Forums, Webinar events. Find Thought Leaders, Consultants and Pracrtitioners with experience and expertise in Behavior Support and Intervention.
Put your leadership and your school on the national stage – share your expereinces, challenges, learning and success in our community of learners within your region, across the state and the nation.
Our Community of Practice provide programs for educational leaders and school teams to ENGAGE in powerful, low cost professional development events which have highly acclaimed consultants teaching your staff and facilititating your own on site professional development.

Finally, teams working with a Community of practice provide options of opportunities to enage with Results Driven Implementation. School teams wishing to go deeper can connect with consultants with experience and expertise in Behavior Support and Interventions and design customized school improvement projects aligned to the specific needs of their school culture, their communities and most important with the needs of their students with the aim of making measurable improvements in student learning and well-being.


Receive updates, resources, programs, newsletter and more!


Receive updates, resources, programs, newsletter and more!