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Leader Membership

Leader Memberships are for one person. A Leadership Membership is designed to build the leadership capacity of members. It is a place for study, learning and application. Resources and networking opportunities build personal leadership skills and support leaders in developing their ability to meet performance expectations.

School Membership

School Memberships are for the entire staff of a school. A School Membership is designed to support school leaders and teacher teams in implementing school improvement initiatives that result in measurable improvements in student learning and well-being. Resources and networking opportunities support leaders and teacher teams in establishing a school wide “Constancy of Purpose, build their collaborative capacity, learn new strategies and practices aimed at specific area of interest and concern for the school. School Memberships are aimed at getting results.

Key Membership Benefits . .

Special Membership Events

THE SOURCE provides events such as community forums, webinar presentations and round tables. Some events are for members only and are designated as such.

THE SOURCE Collegial Network

One of the feature benefits of membership in THE SOURCE is access to the Collegial Network; Profiles with contact information and demographic information about leader members and school members of THE SOURCE. Members can connect with job-a-like colleagues with similar interests.

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Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice is a robust digital platform with resources, networks and programs designed to facilitate a school improvement initiative focused on a specific topic or issue with the aim of making measurable improvements in student learning and well-being.
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