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A wealth of professional learning resources

Organized, vetted, practical and easily and quickly accessible

Trying to find needed information to lead learning in schools is a time consuming and frustrating undertaking. WE HAVE DONE THE ORGANIZING FOR YOU

It's Organized

By Function

We have used the PSEL Standards (1917) Professional Standards for Educational Leaders which identify the KEY FUNCTIONS educational leaders are expected to perform in order to effectively lead their schools.

By Format

Each function is organized in a convenient convenient easy to use format.


Just click on the title of the book, article or video – and you go to the actual resource – where you can read, copy, share, download, for your professional learning

Your resource is just a "click Away"

If it is a book – the link will take you immediately where you can purchase the book, find out more about the book, and see other books that are related to the topic.

If it is an article you are looking at – click the title. You go immediately to the document – read, download, share.

Best & the Brightest

We didn’t try to find the MOST – the greatest number of resources we could find – we wanted a manageable search number so we looked for the BEST we could find – respected researchers, authors and consultants.

Short & Sweet

We provide a short description of each book, article and video we have included. The descriptions are “short & sweet” enabling busy school administrators to scan the list quickly and find what they want in the least amount of time

Practical Use

The articles, books and videos you find can be used in a number of ways


 For your personal use – simply to know more about the topic you are intererested in.


 To take a deep dive, to go deeper and get a full understanding of what you want to know about.


 The resource can be used with leaders and teachers for Team Learning, PLC’s, Professional Development sources and many more ways.


“Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” Provide leadership with colleagues. Share your own resources, rate the resosurces you use -let us know what you think. After each Unit there is a place for you to let us know what you think.


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Receive updates, resources, programs, newsletter and more!