Online Professional Learning Center for Teachers

Your own School Library of 13 – Full Day (6 hr) ONDEMAND courses

Available 24/7 - 365 for all teachers, all staff in your school
All for $189 per year - licence is good until July 31, 2023

How Principals can use the ONLINE Professional Learning Center

1. Close the COVID Learning Gap
Support the work of ESSR grants and funding
2. Provide Renewal Units & Re-Licensure Opportunities
Easy, streamlined access to needed PD Renewal Units – at no cost to teachers.
3. Build a Collaborative Culture of Professional Learning
Schedule a professional learning event at a location within the district. Usually the sessions, depending on which time zone you are in, will be in the early evening. Teachers or administrators don’t miss school and you can add a social component to the meeting – build a culture of learning.

4. Go Deeper with Implementation
Bring coach(s), principals, lead teachers, to webinars the coach(s) can use to work with TEAMS of teachers and go deeper with implementation.
5. Be an Instructional Leader
Principals or district leaders can show a module or a portion of a
module of the recorded ONDEMAND programs at a faculty meeting – lead a professional dialog or discussion – and infuse professional learning in the school culture.
6. Bring a National Presenters to Your Teachers
Use a program or programs on a school wide PD Day. Finding a low cost speaker for school wide or district wide PD days is often difficult. You can provide the ONDEMAND program for your teachers. The viewing time of the webinars is approximately 6 hours – just like a day-long workshop. You can simply run the program or have a principal or district leader facilitate the session.
7. Personalize Professional Learning for Teachers
Simply provide the option for teachers to access the ONDEMAND program and obtain PD credit (you will have to ensure this program is valid for PD credit in your state) or as an alternative to PD offerings you already provide.
8. Provide support for Professional Growth Plans
Use the Professional Learning Center for teachers to provide critical PD support to teachers to complete growth plans – connected to teacher performance appraisal.
9. Save valuable resources and funding – incredible PD savings.

Why Teachers Love the ONLINE Professional Learning Center

24/7 Access (Take the sessions whenever you want to)
No Travel Time or Costs (View the sessions wherever you want)
No time out of class (No re-scheduling classes, no substitutes)
Obtain PD Credit - COVID SAFE
Learn at your Own Pace
Self-Schedule - when convenient
Presentation Format - it's like being at a face to face workshop


Full Year Licence

Register now and receive months of FREE use for your entire district. Your license will not expire until July 31, 2023.
  • Start right away
  • Once we receive payment - you will receive an email with access to all courses, documents for communicating with teachers

*Pricing is based on the number of schools in the district. 2-5 schools: 5% discount, 6-10 schools: 10% discount, 11 and more schools: 15% discount

It’s easy for to bring the Online Professional Learning Center for Teachers to your School or District

All programs can be used in two ways...

1. PD Credit and Re-Licensure

Users must pass a test and once complete the user receives a certificate authenticating completion for PD Credit.

2. Instructional Leader’s Tool Kit

Users can move freely for one module to the next without tests, selecting the sections of the program of interest.

Want to learn details about programs?

Download our Full Program Brochure

What other teachers had to say...

“The course was easy to enroll in, welldesigned for individual learning, and chock-full of great information. It’s one way to get PD points on your own schedule.”

Leota Coats

“Not many people could use the webinar venue as effectively as JKT uses it. I can only imagine what our schools would look like and how positively children would be affected if all teachers had the information you just shared. Thank you for your important work.”

Margaret Reed



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Receive updates, resources, programs, newsletter and more!