Systems Thinking School Improvement Initiative

The Systems Thinking School Improvement Initiative is a comprehensive school improvement undertaking aimed at achieving significant, sustainable, systemic and measurable improvement in student achievement and well-being. 

The Systems Thinking School Improvement Initiative has been developed for school districts and is designed to be extremely flexible and can be customized to the unique needs of each district.

When a school district engages in the STSII, they begin with a paradigm shift and commit to learning the new philosophy, developing the new leadership skills and applying them in an ongoing manner over a sustained period of time (usually one year).

The promise of the STSII, is that when these practices are applied with FIDELITY – significant, measurable improvements in student learning will occur.  School Improvement – the depth and rate will be “ramped up”.


Systems Thinking Defined

The term “Systems Thinking” has an extremely wide variation of meanings.  It means very different things to different people.  This definition has been created by sorting through the vast array of information and thinking available on Systems Thinking and Continuous Improvement Theory, to establish a PRACTICAL and simple definition that can be used by educational leaders.

Systems Thinking Explained

What are the key elements or characteristics of Systems Thinking that help to explain and flesh out its’ meaning? By comparing how Systems Thinking and the Industrial Model of organizational management relate to these characteristics helps deepen understanding.

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1. Systems Thinking School Improvement Initiatives

We are currently engaging with School Districts and are expecting to have measurable improvement results in the coming months.

2. The Systems Thinking School Improvement FIELDBOOK

As we expand our initiatives we are collecting and developing a wide range of resources and tools district leaders can use as a guidebook for implementing Systems Thinking School Improvement Initiatives on their own.

3. The Systems Thinking School Improvement JOURNAL/PLANNER

A communication, information, planning template-tool created in Google Docs, school district leaders can use as a template for supporting school improvement initiatives in schools.

4. The Systems Thinking Resource Center

A collection of “click-to” resources, books articles, videos to make educational leaders to learn about Systems Thinking and how it can accelerate and expand your school improvement undertakings.

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