Yelena Patish

Yelena Patish BIO


Yelena Patish received her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, from the College of Education at University of Washington. Yelena’s line of research aims to contribute to the body of knowledge in improving our preparation of teachers working in diverse schools. Her areas of focus include: a) supporting pre-service and in-service teachers in their commitment to culturally responsive classroom management, b) increasing students’ hope and resiliency c) using a proactive behavioral management approach to support equitable practices of discipline in the classroom, and d) the application of classroom meetings as a social emotional curriculum approach for fostering students’ emotional, personal and social development. Yelena teaches the Culturally Responsive Classroom Management course in the Elementary Teacher Education program at University of Washington and in the Seattle Teacher Residency program. She is also a consultant for the Washington Education Association, designing and facilitating professional development for educators in Washington State on culturally responsive classroom management. Yelena previously taught sixth grade in West Harlem, New York.